Saturday, December 29, 2012

The New Year Is Almost Here

This past year has been a wonderful adventure in the weight loss world.  I started out the year by regaining my lifetime status with Weight Watchers.  This took the previous year to accomplish.  I was thrilled to see 145 on the scale again.  I was hoping I would be able to maintain this weight throughout 2012.  To my surprise I did maintain this weight, in fact I continued to lose weight.  At my last Weigh In I was 130.  This is total of 56.6 pounds lost since December 2010.  I am hoping to be 129.8 by my 1 year anniversary of being at lifetime, which is January 2nd or being back to goal on February 6th.  I have gained some weight back over Christmas.  I am throwing away all the cookies that are left today, so I won't be able to sneak a few every time I walk past them.  I am cleaning out the refrigerator today too.  Enough is enough.  I have to get back to healthy eating.  I have continued working out over the last 2 weeks or I would be more than 4 pound up. 

We always have family over for New Year's Eve and in the past I've always had healthier options for me to eat.  I plan to continue this tradition this year.  The dips will be made with reduced fat sour cream, cream cheese and mayo.  Baked chips and salsa instead of chips and dip work for me.  I found a recipe for baked broccoli poppers that sound yummy.  Lots of fresh veggies to pick on.  One drink at midnight and that's it.  I have around 5 pounds to lose to make my 129.8 goal.  I probably won't make it in January for my lifetime anniversary, but it shouldn't be a problem to make it by my back to goal weight anniversary in February.