Thursday, December 30, 2010

This weeks goal met!

I finished walking on the treadmill my 3rd time this week. Any more walking is a bonus. I like the idea of making a weekly goal. Each week I will pick a different goal and see if it helps me stay motivated. Mini goals help keep me from getting stressed and overwhelmed. Every year I make the same resolution on New Years Eve and every year I'm sitting her weighing the same if not more. Sticking to my mini goals should help me stay on track and with any luck I hope to lose at least a pound a week which should bring me to goal my this time next year. One week at a time. I can do anything for a week.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm a loser. My WW meeting proved it!

I had my WW my weigh-in yesterday morning. I'm down 1.8 pounds. I was hoping for more, since it's my first weigh from my long return, but an almost 2 pound loss over a holiday is great. 

My goal for this week is to lose 2 pounds. Of course this is another holiday weekend. I will have to work hard all week so the weekend doesn't ruin me. I will also watch what I eat and stay away from the fried foods. We have family over here on New Years Eve so I'm in control of the food. I will continue having what they like, but when I make the veggie dip I will use the reduced fat cream cheese and mayo. I will eat lots of veggies and avoid the bad things that the others are eating. I can do it. I will enjoy 1 drink to toast in the new year with and that's it. The rest of the time I will be drinking my water. Heck I might splurge and get lemons and put my water in a flute glass and garnish it with a lemon slice. 

I missed walking on the treadmill 4 days last week. The week started out good and then the grandchildren came to stay and the exercise room turned back into their bedroom. I put the trundle bed back and opened up the treadmill again this morning. I walked before I went to weigh-in. My walking goal is to walk at least 3 days this week (that's what I did last week), but would really like to do it everyday. We learned today to set goal at our meeting and to make them realistic. the 3 days is realistic, but if I do more it is a bonus. I'm setting myself up for failure so 3 will work for me.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thinking about re-joining Weight Watchers

I lost weight when I was going to Weight Watchers before and I think I might start back and see if it will work again.  I found all my weight-in cards.  I joined June 18,  2001, weighing 180.5.  The 1st week I lost 18 pounds. That is amazing seeing I can't seem to lose a pound now.  I had set my goal to be 145 pounds.  I really think this is too low.  I did manage to make my goal on March 15 2003.  It took me 2 years to make goal. I became a lifetime member on April 14, 2003.  I was able to maintain for 3 weeks.  In the 4th week I gained 22 pounds (it might have been Easter week, I don't remember) and continued to gain for 2 weeks after that.  I got disappointed and quit going.  BIG MISTAKE!!  Now here it is almost 2011 and I'm at 188.5.  I looked up when and where the meeting are and I think I'll start back on Monday. 

I've been getting exercise in everyday this week.  We were hit with a big snowstorm on Monday & Tuesday so I spend quite a bit of time shoveling snow both days.  I walked on the treadmill yesterday and today before my morning shower.  I've been trying to eat better too.  I really need to get some fresh veggies and fruit in the house though.  I'm thinking a trip to Aldi's is in order.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Starting over with a healthier lifestyle

I really have to start over again. I have maintained for a year.  I guess that's better than gaining, but I really need to lose at least 30 pounds.  I really don't think I eat all that bad.  I know I could do better. 

I've started to use more strict portion control.  I've bought smaller plates to eat on and we now use the smaller forks for our meals.  I only drink water at meals we eat at home.  We do eat out on the weekends, but I try and make wiser choices.

I know it's a hard time to try and lose weight .  I just don't want to gain through the holidays.  I will really be happy to continue maintaining and then start losing in January.  I don't have any Christmas parties to go to and I'm not planning on making a lot of cookies.  My plan is to stay on plan up till Christmas day's dinner and try to limit one plate full then.

OK, now for my big problem.  I just can't stay motivated to exercise.  I know I should and I do sometimes.  I have a treadmill, but don't keep up on using it.  I just bought myself a Wii and will get the Wii Fit when I see a good price or when I get enough Amazon gift credits to get it cheap.  I'm going to try and walk on the treadmill at least 3 days a week.  I will start today!!  Ok, now I've written it so I will have to do it.  There's nothing good on TV tonight, so I will do it after dinner.

Another problem is getting the water in.  I'm doing better with this, but still not as much as I should be getting in.  I just bought a Brita pitcher to help save on the plastic bottles.  The pitcher holds 5 cups and I try to drink a pitcher a day.  This is a good start for me.  Drinking cold water is hard when it's cold outside.

Today's menu:
B- Peanut butter on toast- 2 slices of white bread
     1 cup OJ
S- Yoplait light yogurt
L- left over spaghetti (wheat pasta)
D- 1/2 chicken breast (baked)

    mashed potatoes
    homemade applesauce
S- WW jello pie