Monday, February 14, 2011

One Pound Valentine Surprise

Today was weigh-in.  I'm down another 1 pound.  That is a total of 9 pounds in 8 weeks.   It looks like the tracking and exercise is doing it's thing.  I have walked on the treadmill everyday this month and I've don't the Wii almost everyday.  I've been tracking my food on e-tools and I've stayed within my points almost every day and have never used my total weekly points.  I don't trade in my activity points.

Today is Valentines Day and we are going to go out to dinner.  We are going to have Mexican food.  I will enjoy a margarita, but I will count it and since it's the same day as weigh-in I have a week to work it off.  The rest of the week I will stay on program and I hope to see another loss net week.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Started February out with a loss

Weigh-in was Monday.  I lost 1.2 pounds this week.  Last week I had a .4 gain so I'm glad I made up for that gain plus more.  In 7 weeks I've lost 8 pounds.  I'm still ahead of the my goal to lose a pound a week.  Slow and steady!!

I walked on the treadmill all but 7 days in January.  I also got some extra activity in a few days.  So far I've walked on the treadmill everyday in February and I've done the Wii-fit several times.  I ordered the "Walk-It-Out" and it's fun.  I add some side bends and pump my arms as I walk so I'm getting extra exercise while I do it.

My eating has been pretty good.  I've been staying within my WW points most days and I never go over my weekly allowance points.  I don't trade in my activity points either.  I did have a mini blizzard from DQ on Sunday.  It was tiny, but plenty to get the taste that I wanted.  It totaled 10 points and I wouldn't do it everyday, but as a special treat it wasn't bad.  I was at the mall and did quite a bit of walking when I got it so I worked some of it off.  I still had a loss so I guess it didn't hurt me too much.

I've been watching a lot of WW members on you tube and I've been getting some good recipe ideas and a lot of encouragement.  From the sounds of a lot of the posters they gained last week too.  Maybe it was the way the stars were aligned or something.

Last week was Groundhog's Day.  I'm so glad he didn't see his shadow this year.  I am so tired of winter.  We have had snow on the ground since before Christmas and it just keeps piling on.  This week it's really going to be cold.  They are saying below zero wind chills over the next couple days and single digits at night.  I just want to get outside and play in the garden.  I can't wait to get fresh veggies out of my own garden and visit the farmers market.

Next week is Valentine's day.  I'm gong to tell my hubby to forget my favorite chocolates this year and maybe we can go out and get a nice dinner instead.  I'm thinking about getting some strawberries and dark chocolate and giving him some dipped strawberries this year.  Maybe he'll even share a couple with me.  Strawberries are zero points and the chocolate shouldn't be too bad is I go with dark chocolate.  Weigh-in is Monday so I can work off any damage during the week.