Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I haven't logged in for a few days. It's been busy here getting ready for the big Turkey Day!! I had to do my last minute shopping for fresh veggies and bread for the stuffing. I bought a pre-made pie in the bakery department so I didn't have to make several pies homemade.

I went to Jazzercise on Wednesday. Our center wasn't open yesterday. I should have gone today, but I slept in and my hubby and grandson were here so I had to make a better breakfast than the cereal I usually eat on Friday . Next week I will really try hard to get there 3 times.

Yesterday's dinner turned out good. The food was very yummy. I limited myself to one helping of everything. I started out with a salad to help fill me up. I only had pumpkin pie for dessert instead of the usual several thing to pick from. I enjoyed a slice of pie with fat free cool whip. I didn't have anything after dinner even though we had an early dinner. I was wondering what the scale would say this morning. I only gained a 1/2 pound. Not bad after a Thanksgiving dinner. We will have leftovers today so I hope to do just as well today.

I don't do the Black Friday shopping in the stores. If I really want something I order it online. Most of my shopping is done anyway so I'm going to spend the day relaxing and maybe rearranging my bedroom. I need a change. I also have to switch out my winter wardrobe for my winter one. It was snowing today.

How did everyone else do with yesterday's meal?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sporty Saturday

I went today to watch my oldest grandson in his first ever wrestling scrimmage. It was so hard to watch him be tossed around like a rag doll. He just decided last Sunday that he wanted to join the team. All the rest of these boys have been doing this for a lot longer from the looks of it. My grandson is a tall skinny boy. He's 16 years old and weighs 110. There is skin on his bones and that's about it. He texted his mom and told her he had a busted lip and is bruised up but, he was OK. I just wanted to go over to him and wrap him up in his baby quilt and carry him out of there. I'll have to wait to hear what he has to say about it himself.

Not much else going on today.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday not Fryday

No Jazzercise today. I wanted to go, but I have a killer headache.. I did make it 2 times this week and I will try and make it there 3 days next week. Our center isn't open Thanksgiving Day so I will have to work around that.

I did go to the grocery store today. I had to get my turkey so it can thaw. Even with my coupons, I spent too much. Eating healthy is more expensive that eating junk food. I'm going to have to really watch for specials on fresh fruits and veggies. Of course, I did get more stuff because of Thanksgiving dinner, so that didn't help.

Here we are the weekend again. Last weekend wasn't too bad so I'm hoping to stick to the diet again this week.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tasty Thusday

I made it to Jazzercise this morning. One more class and I will make my goal of 3 this week. It was a good workout!

I just got back from Pizza Hut for lunch. I had a nice salad and 2 slices of thin crust pizza. I asked for water even though I really wanted a Pepsi. My hubby is going to a Men's Club fish dinner so I'm on my own for dinner. I'll have some homemade veggie soup.

It's still raining today. It's just a drizzle. I wish we would just have a downpour and get it over with. The temps are going to be in the 50s the rest of the week.

Survivor's on tonight so we will watch that while we enjoy our WW pie. A nice way to finish off the day.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wet Wednesday

I ended up sleeping in this morning. I had a hard time getting to sleep last night. I didn't go to Jazzercise today. That means I have to go tomorrow and Friday in order to get 3 days in.

Not much else happened today. It was drizzling rain most of the day, so nothing to do outside. It's getting colder too. I afraid winter's on it's way.

Dinner was good. I made wheat pasta with left over plain sauce. We had a nice salad I since I don't like chicken in tomato sauce I put my chicken in my salad. My hubby had his chicken thigh in the sauce with mushrooms. No cheating again today. The only problem I'm having is getting all the water in. I'm doing better, but not good enough. I'm still working on it though. I'm not giving up.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

I was afraid of how I would feel after Jazzercizing yesterday, but I don't feel too bad. I'm a little sore in the shoulders, but I will live. I didn't go to class today because I wanted time to heal. I will go tomorrow. I think I might go for a walk later on this afternoon. Today is weight in. I'm down 4 pounds. I feel good about it. I will continue to do what I did last week with the Jazzercise thrown in so hopefully next Tuesday I will show even more of a loss.

I decided to make a chicken for dinner. I used Mrs. Dash for the seasoning instead of the salty rub I usually use. I'm sure my hubby won't even know the difference. He didn't with the baked meatballs last night, which turned out great as a matter of fact. I have a recipe for baked in the oven potato fries , from the DASH diet, that I think I'll try too. I'll also roast some asparagus and have a garden salad. Boy I'm hungry already. Guess it's time to put a bowl of my homemade soup on to cook.

I'm getting my hair trimmed tonight so I don't look like a saggy dog, then dinner then later we'LL watch Biggest Loser while we eat out Weight Watcher pie that I make with jello, yogurt and cool whip. A low fat dessert that doesn't taste like it. I'd better get busy and make the pie so it has time to get set up.

Till tomorrow!