Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I haven't logged in for a few days. It's been busy here getting ready for the big Turkey Day!! I had to do my last minute shopping for fresh veggies and bread for the stuffing. I bought a pre-made pie in the bakery department so I didn't have to make several pies homemade.

I went to Jazzercise on Wednesday. Our center wasn't open yesterday. I should have gone today, but I slept in and my hubby and grandson were here so I had to make a better breakfast than the cereal I usually eat on Friday . Next week I will really try hard to get there 3 times.

Yesterday's dinner turned out good. The food was very yummy. I limited myself to one helping of everything. I started out with a salad to help fill me up. I only had pumpkin pie for dessert instead of the usual several thing to pick from. I enjoyed a slice of pie with fat free cool whip. I didn't have anything after dinner even though we had an early dinner. I was wondering what the scale would say this morning. I only gained a 1/2 pound. Not bad after a Thanksgiving dinner. We will have leftovers today so I hope to do just as well today.

I don't do the Black Friday shopping in the stores. If I really want something I order it online. Most of my shopping is done anyway so I'm going to spend the day relaxing and maybe rearranging my bedroom. I need a change. I also have to switch out my winter wardrobe for my winter one. It was snowing today.

How did everyone else do with yesterday's meal?

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