Sunday, January 10, 2010


This was a pretty good mail week. This is what I got:

2- FREE coupons for Hefty trash bags. One is for up to $8.00 and the other is for up to $9.00. I had a problem with a box of trashbags and contacted the company and they were kind enough to send me these free coupons. I love it when companies appreciate their consumers.

9- $1.00 coupons for Coke. I enrolled at and the coupons were my reward. It's well worth enrolling even if your community doesn't participate in the program. If you are lucky enough to have it in your area you can earn more points than the startup reward.

1- .75 coupon for Hellman's mayo plus 2 samples to see if you can tell the difference between the light and regular mayo.

3- .50 coupons for Charmin TP. I commented on their website that they are offering a $1.00 coupon and when you click on it you get a message that there is no coupon for that campaign. So I'm now .50 ahead of the game.

Free Gardening Magazine from a free subscription.

There might have been more goodies, but this is all I can remember. I'll try to keep track better this week.

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