Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Clay Aiken Fan

Yesterday I got the best gift ever.  Clay released his newest single.  It is the most beautiful song I think I've ever heard.  I've played it over and over.  I've never bought any music on the internet before, but I'm glad I bought this song.  It's worth so much more than the 99 cents I spent on it.  Are there any other Clay fans here?
I've read that Clay's going to be on the next Celebrity Apprentice.  They are filming it now and it will air in February.  I will be watching this season for sure.  I hope he makes it to the end. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Newest update

Gee, I haven't posted since Dec. 5th.  It doesn't seem like it was that long ago.  Last week at WW I gained 1 pound.  I wasn't happy about it, but things happen.  This week I lost 3 more pounds.  I am so close to my goal.  Actually I forgot that I can be 2 pounds above my goal to be free at WW, so I only have to lose .8 to not have to pay anymore.  Now that is really close.  I almost took off my bra and weighted in again.  I'm going to try my hardest to make it next week.  I will have to be REALLY good all week and really limit myself on Christmas.  I'm not really tempted by the cookies or sweets, but we are having ham and we all know what happens when you eat salty food.  I have not made my goal to be back to 145 by my 1 year anniversary of rejoining WW, but I will try my hardest to get there by the new year.  That is 2.8 pounds in 2 weeks.  It is doable.

The job is going well.  I've been super busy.  I really think all the walking and not being around home to snack has really helped me with the 3 pounds losses.  This past week we had a cookie exchange at work (really everyone brought in cookies and shared them) and I went to a party with my hubby on Saturday.  I was a little surprised to see such a big loss this week, but I'm not complaining.  I didn't go to Jazzercise all week either and only walked with Leslie Sansone on Monday before weigh-in.

I hope everyone else is having a good holiday.  I have not been reading any of the blogs, so I'm so far behind on what all of your progresses are.  Someday, I hope to get caught back up.  Probably not until after the first of the year. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

I must be dreaming

First of all. I got on my scale this morning and was so happy at what I saw.  I couldn't wait to go weigh-in at my WW meeting.  I did my Leslie Sansone 4 mile walk, put on my regular weigh-in clothes, made my smoothie, put on my jacket and shoes and grabbed my purse.  I put my hand in to grab my keys and NO KEYS!!!  Where could they be?  I took everything out of my purse and still NO KEYS!!!  No, this couldn't be happening.  I called my hubby and he said he hadn't seen them.  I cleaned off the dining room table, I cleaned off my desk.  I drank 1/2 of my smoothie.  I was so mad and disappointed.  I really wanted to go to my meeting this week.  First of all to weigh-in since I knew I had done so well and second to hear about the new things with the program.  I just wanted to cry.  As a matter of fact I did get teary eyed.  I went into the living room and picked up the Christmas lights that were on the couch and there were MY KEYS!!!  I have no idea how they got under the lights.  Anyway, by now the meeting had already started, but I decided to go to weigh in anyway.  I got there when the meeting was almost over.  I weighed in and lost 3.2 pounds.  WOO HOO!!!  I have 4.8 more pounds to go to be back to my lifetime weight.  I don't think I will be able to do it by the 20th (my rejoining anniversary), but maybe by the new year which was my first goal I set anyway.

On the job front.  I ended up being on the register all by 15 minutes of my shift yesterday.  That means no one in shoes to put things away, no one to straighten the shoes, and no one to run and get boxes on shoes people need in their size.  I just hope that they don't evaluate me by the way the shoe department looks at the end of my day.  One good thing is I'm getting plenty of experience on the register and I'm not having to ask as many questions.  When I walked back by the shoes at the end of the day, a lady showed me a box of shoes that had someone's old, dirty, disgusting shoes in it.  Looks like that person got a nice new pair of shoes to wear out of the store.  I chalk this up to not having enough supervision in the department.  This Kohl's operates on a very lean employment staff.  It makes me wonder how many other things get walked out of the store without notice?

I have the day off today, so it will be laundry day and getting things in order.  I'm making a rotisserie chicken for dinner tonight and will use leftover chicken in meals later in the week.  I'm thinking a sweet potato with a little Splenda brown sugar, Knorr side dish noodles, and broccoli will make a pretty good meal for tonight.  I've already calculated my points for today and I will still have 10 points left for the day.  If I'm hungry later on this evening I will enjoy some veggies and dip and still be below in points.  I really have to say that I really don't feel that hungry during the day.  My stomach might growl, but as far as a physical hunger I don't really notice it.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I have to go to work at 11:30 today.  I'll be the first one in shoes for the day.  Since I was the last one there yesterday I know (kinda) what to expect.  This is the worst I've ever seen it.  I know that the girl before me worked all day on trying to keep things picked up and put away, but when I got there it didn't look like anyone had been there in a month.  Things were everywhere.  I'm not just talking shoes.  People also leave all their other stuff that they decide they don't want in the shoe department.  I had 2 coats hanging on the shelves along with kids clothes, candles and a frame were also left behind.  So besides picking up and putting away the shoes, these slobs leave just everywhere, I also have to clean up their other messes.  It just amazes me.  The store looked a little better when I left, but it will be unattended until I get there today.  It truly looked like no one was working in that department yesterday.  I would clean an area and the next time I walked through it it would be a mess again.  It got to the point ant I decided to just do the best I could to get the area looking decent and maybe today I can work on getting things that have been returned back on the shelves and start all over again.  That's another thing.  We have A LOT!! of shoes returned.  I'm not sure what that is all about.  The shoe return cubby was full when I got there and mid way through my shift they called me to the service desk to clean it out again, because it was full.  At closing I checked again it was full again.  We had 2 carts full of shoes waiting to be put back on the shelves that were returns. AMAZING!!

OK, enough of the ranting.  I ate pretty good yesterday.  I had my smoothie for breakfast and a bowl of homemade turkey noodle soup as a mid morning snack.  I had a small salad at the restaurant for dinner.  I took my veggies and dip to work to share.  No one had brought any veggies all day so they were a big hit.  By the time I got back to the break room for my break all the carrots were gone.  I only like the carrots and green peppers so I had some dip and green peppers.  I calculated the points for the dip and the whole thing comes to 10 points.  It makes a lot of dip so I counted it high and put 2 points in the tracker.  When I got home I had some more dip and a few carrots.

Tomorrow is weigh-in.  I'm down on my scale so let's hope I keep it off today and I show a loss on their scale too.  I'm so close to being in the 140s.  Maybe this will be the week I do it!!  I really wanted to be to goal again by next week.  I don't see that happening, but I'm a lot closer than I was a year ago. 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Lower Points Plus in 2012

Well, actually they kicked in this week.  I now only have 26 points instead of 29.  Our leader told us a little about the new points on Monday, but will be explaining it in more detail at our next meeting.  I don't know if it's going to make that much of a difference or not.  Many times I wasn't eating all my points anyway, so maybe now I will.  I am definitely eating less now that I'm working.  No more time to snack.

Speaking of work... I still like it.  I am always busy.  I can't believe what slobs some people are.  The other day there were 10 boxes of shoes sitting on the bench waiting for me to put them away.  The sad thing is the place they belonged was right next to the bench.  I am constantly closing open boxes and putting one shoe back in boxes with their mates.  I can understand people putting the size 10 on top of the stack instead of putting it at the bottom where it belongs, but to just leave boxes sitting where you tried them on and to leave lids off of shoes in the shelves is a little much.  I feel like I'm working in the children's section of the library where they ask the kids to not return the books on the shelves.  I guess I'm lucky that was my previous job.  Who know I was working in the schools as a librarian for training for a job in Kohl's shoe department later on in life.  I also have to fill in at the registers when they get busy.  The other day I was working for 6 hours and I probably spent 1/2 an hour in shoes.  At least I'm learning more about the register each time I'm working on it.  Pretty soon I'll be an expert! ;-)

Today is dip day at work.  They will be furnishing some dip and chips and if we wish we can bring in some to share.  I made some of my diet friendlier dip and cut up some veggies.  I know what is in my dip so it will be easier to calculate the points.  I'll probably leave it there so I can have it for lunch tomorrow too.

So, how is everyone else doing.  I haven't been reading the blogs so I have no idea what's going on in everyone's life right now.