Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Letter To Myself

Dear Me,
   Another year gone.  You did great 2014 year.  When you look back at what you've accomplished you feel good.

* You finally got back into the 120s and have stayed there.
* You followed the Weight Watchers Simply Filling technique and made it word for you.
* You continued to attend your monthly WW meetings.
* You managed to accomplish your personal 365 Days Of Fitness challenge.
* You continued running and finished your 5K improving each race.

* You enjoyed traveling several time throughout the year.
* You enjoyed working in the gardens.

* You managed to get all by 1 of your credit cards paid off and the last one is almost gone.
* You trimmed you grocery bill so you now have extra money to spend on your wishlist.
* You started drawing you SS and that has also helped with getting your bills in order.

Here's to continuing these and adding many more accomplishments in 2015.

Good work,