Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reflecting back on the year.

In January 2013 I wrote a letter to myself as if it was written today.  Here's the link.  Reflecting back I did pretty well in predicting my future.

I did continue going to Weight Watchers no matter what the scale would say.

I did continue to maintain my weight and ended up losing a half pound more over the year.  I didn't make it to 125, but I almost made it not too long ago, bur gained the weight back to a little less than my goal weight.

I do work out almost everyday.  I continued putting stickers on my calendar.  I love seeing them add up as the month goes along.

I didn't track my food like I should, but I plan on doing the Simply Filling plan so tracking shouldn't be a problem.

Ron is a lot move fun to be around now that he's retired.

We have traveled more.

The eating schedule is something I'm still working on.  It's getting better.

Personal Life:
I did do a lot of gardening.  It is a work in progress.

I wish I could say the house is still nice because I follow FlyLady.  It's not terrible, but it could be better.

The blogging has not be steady.  I hope to work on that this year.

I am going to write another letter to myself tomorrow and see how well I predict my future for 2014.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Last Week Of December

Here it is the last week of December.  I can't believe this year is gone already.  I haven't written on here since December 1st.  I really need to get better at posting more regular.  My last post listed some end of the year goals.  Here's a link to that post.

Now, how did I do with these goals?

1. I didn't want to gain weight.- Well my last weigh in at WW will be on Tuesday, but as of today on my scale I'm up 4 pounds.  I have a few days to try and correct that.  I do know I won't be in the 120.  That will have to be my goal for 2014.

 2. I wanted to get in activity every day.-  I did get at least 20 minutes of activity in, but I did not get 100% on my ActiveLink.

3. I wanted to limit my snacks.-  This was a total FAIL!  I ate way too many cookies.  They are going in the trash today and I will only eat fruit the rest of the year for snacks.

4. I wanted to attend my WW meeting every week.-  I missed 2 weeks so that was also a semi-fail.  I will go next Tuesday for my final yearly weigh in.

5. I wanted to enjoy the holidays and not stress if I messed up.  The holidays were fun.  I did mess up and I tried not to stress about it. 

I'm not happy that I didn't accomplish all these goals, but I'm not perfect and I haven't given up.  My next post will probably be on January 1st.  I will look back at the year and look at my letter to myself I wrote last year.  I will probably write another one for 2014.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Goals for the month of December

I can't believe it's December already.  Where has the year gone?  With all the Christmas goodies, that are sure to be around this month, it might be a good idea to have a plan and set some goals to finish out the year.  You all know that I am a goal setter.  So here's my plans for December:

1.  I don't want to gain any weight.  I would love to be back into the 120s, but will be happy with a maintain.

2.  I want to get some kind of activity in everyday this month.  I'm going to work on getting my Active Link to 100% everyday.  I did very well doing this, this year, but didn't really keep track in November and didn't  get there several days. 

3.  I know I will be making cookies and other goodies, but I will limit my intake to 1 serving of  goodie a day.  I enjoy a cup of tea and some kind of treat in the evening while I'm watching TV.  I will not eat any treats during the day except for that special time.

4.  I want to attend my WW meeting every week.  Attending the meeting really help me stay on track.  I really need the accountability of the WW scale and sharing my week with my leader. Even though I am a lifetime/at goal member doesn't mean I don't need to attend meetings.

5.  Most importantly I want to enjoy the holidays and if I mess up I don't want to stress about it.  If I slip up I will move on and try to do better.  Tomorrow is another day and why stress over something that is done.

What are some of your goals for December 2013?