Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Last Week Of December

Here it is the last week of December.  I can't believe this year is gone already.  I haven't written on here since December 1st.  I really need to get better at posting more regular.  My last post listed some end of the year goals.  Here's a link to that post.

Now, how did I do with these goals?

1. I didn't want to gain weight.- Well my last weigh in at WW will be on Tuesday, but as of today on my scale I'm up 4 pounds.  I have a few days to try and correct that.  I do know I won't be in the 120.  That will have to be my goal for 2014.

 2. I wanted to get in activity every day.-  I did get at least 20 minutes of activity in, but I did not get 100% on my ActiveLink.

3. I wanted to limit my snacks.-  This was a total FAIL!  I ate way too many cookies.  They are going in the trash today and I will only eat fruit the rest of the year for snacks.

4. I wanted to attend my WW meeting every week.-  I missed 2 weeks so that was also a semi-fail.  I will go next Tuesday for my final yearly weigh in.

5. I wanted to enjoy the holidays and not stress if I messed up.  The holidays were fun.  I did mess up and I tried not to stress about it. 

I'm not happy that I didn't accomplish all these goals, but I'm not perfect and I haven't given up.  My next post will probably be on January 1st.  I will look back at the year and look at my letter to myself I wrote last year.  I will probably write another one for 2014.

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