Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Weeks Mail

This week I didn't get a lot of goodies in the mail.

I got:

A free Pillsbury Calendar
$5.00 check form Johnson's rebate

That's it.  I'm hoping for a better mail week next week.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekly Mail Call

This was a much better week for freebies in the mail.

This week I got:

Free Weight Watchers Magazine (which had several coupons I cut out)
Free Family Fun Magazine
Free Shape Magazine
Free Self Magazine
Free Delalio calendar with coupons attached
$10 Eukanuba puppy food coupon
Stripes card for T.G.I. Friday's
$5.00 off $300 coupon for Donzell's Garden Center.

I also got a box returned that I sent in for the Biggest Loser Pound for Pound Challenge sponsored by Yoplait yogurt.  I know they would have received the box before the Dec. 31st cut off date, but it was returned saying that the box was closed.  What a rip off.  I guess they could have raised the $275,000 alloted for this cause before I mailed the lids. I mailed the pink labels for Yoplait the same day so lets see if they come back too.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekly Mail Call

This wasn't a very exciting mail week.  I got:

20 Nut-trition coupons I ordered from Ebay
All You Magazine
Woman's Day Magazine (free subscription)
Taste of Home Magazine
88 cent check from Capital One.  This was the credit balance still on our closed Credit Card.
Presidential Memorial Certificate in memory of my father-in-law signed by President Obama
A letter stating that Office Max will now take my used canon ink cartridges

That's all the good stuff.  I also got my Discover and US Bank credit bills.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


This was a pretty good mail week. This is what I got:

2- FREE coupons for Hefty trash bags. One is for up to $8.00 and the other is for up to $9.00. I had a problem with a box of trashbags and contacted the company and they were kind enough to send me these free coupons. I love it when companies appreciate their consumers.

9- $1.00 coupons for Coke. I enrolled at and the coupons were my reward. It's well worth enrolling even if your community doesn't participate in the program. If you are lucky enough to have it in your area you can earn more points than the startup reward.

1- .75 coupon for Hellman's mayo plus 2 samples to see if you can tell the difference between the light and regular mayo.

3- .50 coupons for Charmin TP. I commented on their website that they are offering a $1.00 coupon and when you click on it you get a message that there is no coupon for that campaign. So I'm now .50 ahead of the game.

Free Gardening Magazine from a free subscription.

There might have been more goodies, but this is all I can remember. I'll try to keep track better this week.