Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

I was afraid of how I would feel after Jazzercizing yesterday, but I don't feel too bad. I'm a little sore in the shoulders, but I will live. I didn't go to class today because I wanted time to heal. I will go tomorrow. I think I might go for a walk later on this afternoon. Today is weight in. I'm down 4 pounds. I feel good about it. I will continue to do what I did last week with the Jazzercise thrown in so hopefully next Tuesday I will show even more of a loss.

I decided to make a chicken for dinner. I used Mrs. Dash for the seasoning instead of the salty rub I usually use. I'm sure my hubby won't even know the difference. He didn't with the baked meatballs last night, which turned out great as a matter of fact. I have a recipe for baked in the oven potato fries , from the DASH diet, that I think I'll try too. I'll also roast some asparagus and have a garden salad. Boy I'm hungry already. Guess it's time to put a bowl of my homemade soup on to cook.

I'm getting my hair trimmed tonight so I don't look like a saggy dog, then dinner then later we'LL watch Biggest Loser while we eat out Weight Watcher pie that I make with jello, yogurt and cool whip. A low fat dessert that doesn't taste like it. I'd better get busy and make the pie so it has time to get set up.

Till tomorrow!

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