Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm a loser. My WW meeting proved it!

I had my WW my weigh-in yesterday morning. I'm down 1.8 pounds. I was hoping for more, since it's my first weigh from my long return, but an almost 2 pound loss over a holiday is great. 

My goal for this week is to lose 2 pounds. Of course this is another holiday weekend. I will have to work hard all week so the weekend doesn't ruin me. I will also watch what I eat and stay away from the fried foods. We have family over here on New Years Eve so I'm in control of the food. I will continue having what they like, but when I make the veggie dip I will use the reduced fat cream cheese and mayo. I will eat lots of veggies and avoid the bad things that the others are eating. I can do it. I will enjoy 1 drink to toast in the new year with and that's it. The rest of the time I will be drinking my water. Heck I might splurge and get lemons and put my water in a flute glass and garnish it with a lemon slice. 

I missed walking on the treadmill 4 days last week. The week started out good and then the grandchildren came to stay and the exercise room turned back into their bedroom. I put the trundle bed back and opened up the treadmill again this morning. I walked before I went to weigh-in. My walking goal is to walk at least 3 days this week (that's what I did last week), but would really like to do it everyday. We learned today to set goal at our meeting and to make them realistic. the 3 days is realistic, but if I do more it is a bonus. I'm setting myself up for failure so 3 will work for me.

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