Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thinking about re-joining Weight Watchers

I lost weight when I was going to Weight Watchers before and I think I might start back and see if it will work again.  I found all my weight-in cards.  I joined June 18,  2001, weighing 180.5.  The 1st week I lost 18 pounds. That is amazing seeing I can't seem to lose a pound now.  I had set my goal to be 145 pounds.  I really think this is too low.  I did manage to make my goal on March 15 2003.  It took me 2 years to make goal. I became a lifetime member on April 14, 2003.  I was able to maintain for 3 weeks.  In the 4th week I gained 22 pounds (it might have been Easter week, I don't remember) and continued to gain for 2 weeks after that.  I got disappointed and quit going.  BIG MISTAKE!!  Now here it is almost 2011 and I'm at 188.5.  I looked up when and where the meeting are and I think I'll start back on Monday. 

I've been getting exercise in everyday this week.  We were hit with a big snowstorm on Monday & Tuesday so I spend quite a bit of time shoveling snow both days.  I walked on the treadmill yesterday and today before my morning shower.  I've been trying to eat better too.  I really need to get some fresh veggies and fruit in the house though.  I'm thinking a trip to Aldi's is in order.

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