Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Had to go to the store today.

I didn't want to go to the store all week, but when I decided what I was having for dinner tonight I didn't know I didn't have cheese to put on top before baking it. I made some baked rigatoni with the leftover meatballs and sauce from last week. I didn't have any cheese so I had to buy some today. That's all I bought and it was on sale. The sad thing about this is I got some coupons in the mail yesterday and didn't really look to see what they were. While I was watching TV this after noon I decided to cut them out and file them and some other coupons I've gotten from some trains. While I was cutting out the coupons there was one for free Kraft cheese. I had won the Kraft contest and forgot about it so I thought these coupons were some that I had requested on other websites. So if I had paid closer attention I could have gotten the cheese I bought today for free. A lesson learned.

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