Saturday, May 9, 2009

New appliances on their way

We decided to check out Lowe's before we headed out to HH Gregg's. Since I really need the washer asap and I knew that Lowe's delivers next day I thought if they had any good sales they might be the place to get at least the washer. The salesman said that he could give us the 10% off all the appliances and we could also get the 12 months 0%. My new washer and stove is being delivered tomorrow morning. I will have to wait for the refrigerator since it was not in stock. That is OK.

I'm going to list my old stove on freecycle to a needy family. The oven and 2 smaller top burners work fine. It would be a great stove for someone that doesn't have one. I'll list the refrigerator when the new one is going to be delivered.

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