Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Joined A Weight Loss Challenge Last Night

A friend of mine started a weight loss challenge as a fund raiser for The 3 Day Walk.  We meet every Tuesday for 12 weeks.  Last night was the 1st meeting.  We weighed in and got measured and got before photos taken.  I weighed in at 157.8.  I'm OK with that number.  It's a .8 is a gain from my WW weigh in, but it's a different scale and it was an evening weigh in instead of a morning one.  Each week we have a different challenge to complete.  This week we have to drink 64 oz of water for 5 points  If we drink 1/2  our body weight (79 for me) we get an extra point.  If we don't have any artificially flavored drinks we get an additional point.  Drinking no caffeine gets another point  This runs for 6 days with a possible 8  points per day.  I don't drink caffeine and since I'm not drinking pop I should get the extra points without much problem.  I am going to try my hardest to max out the points each day. 

I watched my DVR of  Dr. Oz's Monday show .  It was good show.  I made lists of things I want to try.  I cut my 32 inch ribbon for my waist measurement goal.  I have about 4 inches till it meets. 

My eating yesterday was good.  Breakfast was Kashi cereal and almond milk.  I had ham, laughing cow,  mustard sandwich and a pickle spear.  I had a WW frozen meal for dinner.  For a snack I had a string cheese and a serving of potato chips.  My total points today was 23.  I notice I'm not getting in all my healthy foods so my next goal is to start filling in the boxes and try to get everything in that I'm suppose to.

Exercise was pretty good.  I walked to the challenge.  It's by my usual walking route so it was 1.5 miles.  It was such a nice day out I did some much needed weeding.  I was out for at least an hour doing that.  The weeds are growing very nicely with all this rain we've had.  I have a lot more that needs done.  Maybe I'll get out again today if it doesn't rain.  All the crab grass is going to seed and I sure don't want them spreading their seeds around. The forecast is no rain until 7:00 this evening and temps not over 70 all day.

Now I have to get my shower and get ready for my dental cleaning.  Then it will be drinking lots of water the rest of the day.


  1. Hey Paula ! The challenge you joined in on sound FANTASTIC, are you going to be doing the 3 Day walk too ? It sounds like you are off to a great start already.

    Have a good day !

  2. OH NO!! I am not doing the 3 Day Walk. My friend is raising money and I'm doing the challenge to help her out. She charged money for us to join the challenge.