Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Butternut Squash??

I had to go to Joann Fabrics this morning to get some satin for a cape for my nephew's costume and I drove right past an Aldi's, so I decided to stop in and see what they had in the veggie section.  They had Butternut squash for $.99.  They also had some acorn squash for the same price.  I decided to get the butternut squash.  I've seen a lot of recipes for it and thought I would give it a try.  Now that I have it here I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it.  I thought maybe some oven fries would be good.  Hungry Girl made some on her show and they looked easy to make.  Has anyone made anything that really turned out good using the squash?  How about acorn squash.  I could try that next time if it's cheap enough.  Also I really don't know if $.99 is a good price or not since I've never bought it before.

I went to my weight loss challenge last night.  I was also up a pound at that weigh in.  They did measurements again and I have lost inches since starting 5 weeks ago.  I know that my clothes are getting looser.  I'm going to have to go on a shopping spree if this keeps up.

Rosie how are you doing?  I haven't seen an update since I read you thought you might have broken your arm.  Have I missed the update or can't you type because you have your arm in a cast?  I'm thinking about you!!


  1. If you go to you can search butternut or acorn squash and they have hundreds of recipes. also has a lot of recipes at this time of year too. Rosie posted earlier today. Enjoy the squash.

  2. thanks so much for checking in on me ! typing with one hand is quite time