Sunday, October 16, 2011

Down 2- 2 to go

When I weighed-in this morning I was down 2 pounds.  I need to lose 2 more pounds by tomorrow so I can at least have a maintain for my official WW weigh-in.  My hubby did get me a 5 mile Leslie Sansone DVD, so I will do it in the morning and hopefully sweat off some weight.

I will be glad when my hubby goes back to work.  He live for meal to meal.  He starts talking about the next meal while we are eating a meal.  I really didn't find myself hungry at all while we were gone, but since he wanted to eat, I ate too.  Once he's not around I will be able to get back into eating less and maybe I will actually get hungry before I eat my meals.  If I don't show a loss this week I should next week.  I'm not going to stress if the scale is not my friend this week.  I have to get back into drinking my water and exercising too.

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