Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Clay Aiken Fan

Yesterday I got the best gift ever.  Clay released his newest single.  It is the most beautiful song I think I've ever heard.  I've played it over and over.  I've never bought any music on the internet before, but I'm glad I bought this song.  It's worth so much more than the 99 cents I spent on it.  Are there any other Clay fans here?
I've read that Clay's going to be on the next Celebrity Apprentice.  They are filming it now and it will air in February.  I will be watching this season for sure.  I hope he makes it to the end. 


  1. He does have a wonderful voice. I haven't heard his name much lately though.

  2. Fatoutofskinny: Sorry you haven't heard all the things Clay has been doing lately. Did you see his PBS special last year? He just performed at the Beacon Theatre in NYC for Cyndi Laupers Home For The Holidays concert. He is still a UNICEF Ambassador and has toured at least 10 times.

    DId you pick up his Tried & True CD?

  3. Just stoping by to see how you have been? I have been Mia for a while I hope the weight loss is going good and that you had wonderful holidays.