Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Out of the Closet.

It's so cold here that I had to get out my winter clothes.  The last I wore them was probably in April.  I had several storage boxes full of things I wore last winter.  When I took them out of the closet they looked so big.  I tried a lot of the stuff on and I was swimming in them.  The pants are size 12/14 and I am now wearing an 8.  The tops were mixed between XXL and XL.  I am now wearing a M in tops. I now have a BIG pile of clothes that I will be putting on freecycle, plus I have a lot more to try on.  I have mixed feeling about this.  There's a lot of cute things that I really liked to wear that are now too big and looks funny on me.  I also have a lot of shopping to do if I plan on having anything to wear this winter.

I have an outdoor wedding to go to on Saturday.  I was planning on wearing the outfit I wore to my nephews outdoors wedding I went to on a cold June evening.  I guess I'd better try it on and may sure I still look OK in it. 

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