Sunday, January 18, 2009

Grocery Coupons in the Sunday Paper

I got 2 papers today for the coupons. My local paper doesn't have all the coupons that the bigger city paper does so I always get an extra paper. I have all my coupons cut out and I've gone through all the ads so I'm ready for my shopping trip tomorrow. I will go to a store that doubles up to .99 and offers a loyality card. Plus I have a store credit card that earns extra towards my gas. I always pay the credit card in full when the bill comes so I never have to pay any interest on the card.


  1. This is Vanessa from the Saving Money blog ( all the fun things I get in the mail).

    I agree the city papers are much better for coupons! Though signing up for each product you use on their websites also yield even better coupons!