Saturday, January 29, 2011

Biggest Mistake of My LIfe

The biggest mistake of my life is that I quit going to Weight Watchers after I made lifetime 7 years ago.  Don't get me wrong.  I've made a lot of mistakes in my lifetime, but working so hard to get to goal and then quitting the one thing that helped me get there was the biggest mistake.  When (I was going to say if, but that would be a negative remark) I make goal this time I will continue going back no matter what happens on the scale.  I swore before that I would never get fat again and what happened.  I got fat again.  This is the last time I'm going to have to lose 50 pounds.  Why did I think that 5 pounds was the end of the world?  It would have so easy to get those 5 pounds off and work at keeping it off.  Now I'm back to working hard every week to just get a pound off and get a little back to goal.  This is one mistake I will not make again.  I've learned by my mistake.

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