Sunday, September 4, 2011

Calf Still Hurts

I'm not sure why it's still hurting.  I think I'll put a heating pad on it today.  It hurts all the time.  When I stand it hurts.  When I walk it hurts.  When I go up and down the steps it REALLY hurts.  I have to get it feeling better so I can get back to walking.  Lucky for me the scale is still in the 150s, even though I haven't done any exercise for several days.  I know this won't last forever.

Yesterday's eating was ok.  Breakfast was a lowfat blueberry muffin and cantaloupe.  I had a slice of swiss cheese and sweet tea for lunch.  I went to dinner with my daughter.  She wanted to try Bravo! Italian Cucina.  They had Chicken Piccata on their summer menu.  I ate half on my meal and brought the other half home.  I had watermelon for my evening snack.  I finished off the day with 22 points+.

1 comment:

  1. That sounds like a great day eating wise. Im sorry about your leg :( It always feels worse before it gets better. Mine took a week and a half to get better, I know your like thanks i didnt want to hear that lol. Just remember to take ibuprofen to take the inflammation down that might make it feel a little better.