Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

Today is Labor Day.  It rained all day yesterday and is suppose to rain until noon today.  I don't think I'll get out to do much weeding today.   Everything will be too muddy to do much digging.  I might clip the ivy that's growing over the neighbor's fence and try to get some control of that today.  I hate to miss days being outside when I know winter isn't too far in the future.  As much as I hate to think about it, before too long it will be too cold to be outside enjoying nature.

My leg feels a little better today.  I didn't do anything yesterday but sit with a heating pad on it.  It still hurts a little, but it is much better then it has been.  I really want to get back to walking.  I think I'll rest it again today and maybe tomorrow I can get back to my regular routine.

Yesterday's eating was OK. Breakfast was a country style breakfast.  I made scrambled eggs with leftover smoked turkey sausage and fried potatoes.  We also had a lowfat blueberry muffin and a cataloupe wedge.  Lunch was Taco Bell I got the Chicken Chalupa Baja and a fresh peach.  I also had 2 sweet teas.  We went out for dinner and I got a garden salad with creamy italian dressing and I had a slice of garlic toast. I ended up using 28 points.  My scale is still saying 159 so all week I never got out of the 150!!  I'm going to try to be 155 for next Monday's weight-in.  Can I do it???  That would leave me only having to lose 10 more pounds to get by to my goal weight and not having to pay since I'm a lifetime member.


  1. The weather has been crazy the past few days for us. I am in Michigan. Friday was 98* and humid, today we will be lucky to hit 65*...where are you from Paula ?

    I am sorry that you leg is hurting you so, are you doing stretching exercises after your walks or workouts ? That seems to help me alot. I also do Yoga which helps also. I woke up last night with a charley horse myself...ouchie.

    Hope you have a great Labor Day !

  2. Rosie- I'm in NE Ohio so our weather is a lot like yours We were in the 90s Thursday and Friday and yesterday it was cooler.
    I've never had this problem with my leg before. I've been walking forever. I don't know what happened to it. I'm just glad it's feeling a little better today.

  3. Oh, wow. We are real close to each other. :)

    Just be sure to take it easy with your leg, you don't want to make it worse.

  4. Its been raining and hot here too just not that hot I think we only got to 90 . Im glad to hear you leg is feeling a little better, and as for your meals I noticed when I read your breakfast I am long over due for a good country breakfast. I now will be doing that soon lol. Hope you day went well.