Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cool day in Ohio

The weather is VERY cool this morning.  It's only in the 50s this morning and isn't going to get above 65 today.  This is far from the 90s we had last week.

I did manage to go out and start to remove the English ivy on my side of the fence yesterday.  What a job.  That stuff is so hard to get rid of.  It's a constant battle.  I want to plant flowers and put in a little walkway.  There was a lot of bending and pulling and more bending so that was my exercise for yesterday.  I still have a little left to do, so I'm hoping to finish that today.

My eating on the weekends is always not as healthy as during the week.  We go out to eat a lot and my husband is home, so I cook a different breakfast.  For breakfast yesterday I made a ham and swiss cheese omelet, fried potatoes with onions and green pepper, cantaloupe, and a smoothie.  I only had 3 eggs so I used 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites and split it with my husband.  I actually only had 1/3 of the omelet.  I fried 1 med. potato and also split it.  All in all that wasn't too bad.  I didn't eat lunch (I only ate a peach) so we had an early dinner around 2:00.  My grandson was here and asked for KFC.  I got the grilled breast with corn and mashed potatoes.  I drank some sweet tea.  Later on, I was a little hungry and those potato chips were calling my name, so I had 2 handfuls.  We had some watermelon to finish off the day.  I ended up with 26 points, but not really healthy points.
For the week I used 14 of my 49 weekly points.


  1. It is a chilly one here also ! Feels like fall to me...lol. Last night was the first night in 3 months I actually shut all the windows in the house !

    English ivy can be so troublesome can't it ? I would love to see some pics of your flowers, sound like you like to work in the yard. We are removing a bunch of mulch due to the fact I started getting "stink horns" a few months after we had in dumped. So my perennial garden is now a mess.

    I also struggle a little on the weekends and when the hubs is off work. He wants everything fried and breaded.

    Today is a new day so let's both make healthier choices !!

  2. Its funny how we are so far away but the weather seems to be almost the same its chilly here also but would be a great day for outdoor exercise if it wasnt raining. Your choices did not seem too bad but I wouldnt skip meals from what my leader told me its a no no lol I know sometimes you cant help it I have done it multiple times so I cant really say much. 14 out of 49 is not that bad you still have plenty for the rest of the week. I probably used all my weekly on wine saturday lol O well I had fun I will take whatever is handed to me it was worth it. Have a great day!!

  3. Chick- My new day starts on Monday. I used 14 weekly points last week. None so far this week. I know I shouldn't skim meals. A big breakfast and knowing we would probably eat early made it hard to get all my meals in. That is what happens on the weekends.