Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rainy Morning

It rained all night and it's still very gloomy outside.  I'm glad I decided to go for a walk last night, because I don't think it would have happened this morning.  I am going to the mall later, so I see a a little walking in my future.

As I said I did walk last night.  I did my usual 1.5 mile walk.  My legs feel OK this morning.  I think I'll start back slow and maybe only do every other day for a while.  I don't want to be laid up for another week with hurt legs.  My left leg still hurts a little.  It's just below my knee in the back instead of the whole calf like before.

I got all 3 meals in yesterday and enjoyed an evening treat.  Breakfast was Kashi cereal and 1/2 cup 1% milk.  Lunch I finished my chicken picatta & a peach later on.  For dinner I made a taco salad.  In the evening I had a WW Wildberry ice cream/sorbet frozen treat.  I used a total of 27 points+

My scale said 157 this morning.  I hope I can hold in the 150s again this week and have a loss on Monday.  Fingers crossed that I get to 155 for that weight in.

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  1. Im crossing my fingers for you too.I know you can do it!! Im happy to hear your leg is better. I cant go outside an exercise yet its been raining for days but today is like a down pour and the sky is so dark :( I cant wait for it to clear up I miss outside. I have been dying for taco salad I think you posting this just made my dinner for tomorrow official haha. Well have a great day and get them ap's in while you have the chance.