Saturday, September 3, 2011

A little slip up yesterday

First of all, I want to thank 1 chicks journey on weight watchers for all the kind words.  It's nice to know that someone is actually reading my blog.

My left calf is still killing me.  It hurts and feels tight all the time.  I think I need to go to the store and buy some bananas.  I've read that they help with Charley Horses.  At least my shins feel better today.

I didn't make it out to weed yesterday.  It was WAY TOO HOT to be doing much outside.  There was a heat advisory yesterday and they might issue one for today as well.  It was 94 with high humidity yesterday.  It felt a lot hotter than that.  Today's forecast is 92.

I want to go to the local farmer's market this morning and see what they have.  I really miss having homegrown tomatoes.  My plants are finally getting a few tomatoes on them.  By now I should be giving them away.  What a terrible growing year.  My cucumbers are doing great though.  In the past I've terrible luck with them  This year I went with a burpless variety and they are doing great.  The peppers are also doing terrible.  One pepper per plant isn't what I wanted.  Last year was a great year for my peppers.  Only half of my beans came up, so my bean stock will be slim this year too.  They are about ready to pick and I will be lucky to get a half pot full.  Next year I'm going to add a lot of compost in hopes to get the garden back in shape.  I planted a square foot garden, but I think I need to add some nutrients to it.

OK, now to how I did yesterday. I started out OK.  For breakfast I had a lowfat blueberry muffin and cantaloupe.  For lunch I had cottage cheese with flax seed meal sprinkled on it and a fresh sliced peach.  Now's when think fell apart a little.  My grandson left his potato chips bag sitting by my computer.  There was only 2 handfuls left, so I ate them.  It tasted good to have something salty.  For dinner we had grilled smoked turkey sausage, sliced potatoes, and 1/2 ear of corn.  Not too bad.  Well, I hate to even tell you what happen next.  I suggested we go to Dairy Queen to get a Blizzard.  I got an email from them talking about this Ooey Gooey Caramel Brownie Blizzard .  It sounded really good.  When I got the blizzard it was mostly vanilla ice cream with a few brownie chunks and a tiny bit of caramel.  I did not see any chocolate chunks in this thing.  I will NOT get that kind again.  My scale still says 158.5 this morning so I'm OK with it.  Today will be a better day!!

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  1. Thanks so much I really do try to get to everyone to let them know there is someone here trying to help them accomplish their goals. I had a terrible year with my garden too I had 2 peppers grow but they didnt grow to full size my squash keeps rotting before getting to size and tomatoes I think I had 2 and a handful of the cherry ones. :( the only thing growing is hot peppers. Oh well like you said there is next year. Dont feel bad about cheating I dont think what you did was all that bad compared to my slip ups lol and that is what weekly points are for. As for your leg when I was on my bike streak I actually got some type of charley horse in my calf that woke me up and i literally had to rub it out maybe you got one of those but not to the extent I got it because my leg was sore and tight for days after that. I think you are doing great so dont be too hard on yourself. Theres up week and down week on the scale emotionally and eating wise just take it as it is and move forward, we all learn from our mistake. Nobody is perfect!