Monday, September 19, 2011

Found Out The Answer To My Questions (kinda)

I ask the WW leader about the difference in a smoothie and a non smoothie.  She said that when you enter all the ingredients into the recipe builder it takes into account all the nutritional values of the items listed.  Even thought these things are zero points.  She said I could count it either way, as a 2 point or a 6 point smoothie.  She said if it were her she would probably count it as a 2 points.  She said that this happens with a lot of recipes that have zero points+ items.  I know that I've noticed it when I make dump soup and all the veggies should be zero and they are not when you enter them in the recipe builder.  It's interesting and depending on how you are counting them could affect your points total at the end of the day.  So I think I will count the smoothie as a 2 point+ smoothie.

I didn't got for a walk yesterday like I had planned.  No real reason I just didn't go.  I know.  Shame on me!  I really have to start doing more activity.

Yesterday's eating wasn't so good.  I told you I was going to the new burger place.  I feel you need to treat yourself from time to time so you don't feel deprived.  For breakfast we had bacon and eggs.  I had 1 slice of bacon and 1 & 1/2 scrambled eggs and a wedge of cantaloupe.  For lunch we went to the root beer stand and I had a coney dog.  That's it.  I couldn't have a root beer because of my challenge.  For dinner I had a single patty burger and onion rings.  No shake even though I've heard they are really yummy and my hubby and daughter seemed to enjoy theirs.  I had an apple for my snack.  I ended up with 32 points+ for the day.  I guess that wasn't too bad, but those rings were dripping with grease.

This morning I did my usual Monday morning before weigh-in Leslie Sansone 4 mile fast walk.  My weigh in was a little disappointing.  I only lost .2 pounds.  That's a total of 29.8 pounds lost.  Next week I had better get my 5 pound sticker.  Only .2 more to go.  11.8 more to get back to my goal weight.  I'm going to set my date to be back to goal for Thanksgiving.  That gives me plenty of time to do it.  I should be able to lose 12 pounds in 9 weeks, but I will be happy if I'm there by the new year. 


  1. The recipe builder and the 0 points food always get me confused. Thanks for getting the question answered !

    Wow, you have lost quite a bit !! I think you will be able to hit your goal by Thanksgiving !!

  2. When I use the recipe builder I never plug in 0PP value foods, because they are 0!
    30 pounds lost way to go!

  3. Good idea Fat out of skinny. I think that's what I'm doing from now on.