Sunday, September 25, 2011

Meal planning

I'm going to try meal planning.  I usually just make whatever I have in the freezer or what I pick up at the store.  I've decided I will have a Meatless Monday and Tuesday we will have chicken, Wednesday will be beef, Thursday will be pork and on Friday I will make soup with either a salad or sandwich.  Each week I will go with these same meats and work out a recipe each day to use them in.  I did a lot of searching today for new recipes.  I didn't know it would be so hard to find pork recipes.  My husband isn't going to like Meatless Mondays very much!!  He's a meat and potatoes man. 

So my plan for this week is:
Monday- Bowties with ricotta tomato sauce.  I will probably make a side salad to go with it. 
Tuesday- Black beans, corn and chicken chili. Maybe I'll make corn muffins.
Wednesday- Marinated grilled Flank steak and roasted chili garlic broccoli.  Not sure what else I'll have with this.
Thursday- Red beans & rice with ham.  This looks like a hearty meal.
Friday- grilled hamburgers with pasta salad.  I might also make some sweet potato fries with it.
Saturday and Sunday- dinner out

Of course this is always subject to change.

I'm not feeling so hot today.  I have terrible heartburn and I'm all bloated.  Back in April (on my birthday) I almost passed out after dinner and 2 margarita.  Everyone teases me that it was the margaritas, but I don't think so.  It happened when I was sitting at my daughter table eating my birthday cake.  I just zoned out and my hubby called EMS to come and check me out.  They said my BP was extremely low and kept taking it and did a EKG while I sat at the table.  I refused to go to the hospital and when my BP came back to near normal they OKed me to just go home and rest.  I was very bloated when this all happened. I went to the Dr. a couple days later and she said I was dehydrated and that I had high a potassium level.  I had another EKG in her office and she sent me to the hospital to have a head CAT scan and a ultra sound on my neck.  Everything came back normal.  Then yesterday just when we got in the restaurant and was waiting to be seated I felt like I was going to pass out again.  Everything started getting black and I sat down in a hurry.  Last night when I went to bed I had awful heartburn and today I still have it and I am very bloated.

I haven't added up my points for yesterday, but I didn't do to bad eating wise.  I spent most of the yesterday pulling out the English ivy next to my house.  I got it all pulled out and I'm ready to put the boarder rocks in and transplant the hostas.  My plan today was to take the dieing plants out of my window boxes and to start cutting the flowers that are looking bad in the flower gardens.  I don't feel like doing anything so I guess that task will have to wait for another day.

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  1. As an RN this is my advice to you.
    Go see your doctor and tone down on your water, I noticed you were drinking a lot. Although you said your potassium was high last time, you may be low in potassium right now because of your high water intake. Low potassium can cause serious heart problems.
    On a lighter note your recipes sound good have you tried they have some great recipes?