Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Job Update and more

I got a call from Kohl's yesterday.  They wanted phone numbers for my past employments.  I explained to the girl that I had not worked at these places for close to 20 years and I was not sure if they would even remember me working there.  I looked up the numbers and called her back.  One place was no longer in business and one of the supervisors was in a completely different department, but I did have a phone number.  I asked her if I could give her a couple personal reference numbers just in case she was unable to get anything from the employers.  She took one name which was my neighbor.  My neighbor called a little later and said that they had called her and she told them that I was a wonder neighbor and that I took care of her cat when they go out of town and they feel I'm trustworthy of having a key to their house.  The girl thanked her for calling them back and that she got the same impression from me when I talked to her and that she would also put in a good recommendation for me. Now on to more waiting.  (UPDATE)  They just called and I got the job.  I go to orientation tomorrow evening and they I do training and then I work.  I'm schedule to work in the shoe department, but from what I understand they do cross training so I could be working in any area of the store.

Halloween was OK.  I bought 1 bag of candy with sweet tarts, laffy taffy, and nerds.  There were 200 pieces of candy in the bag.  I gave 2 pieces to each begger and I still have at least a half bag left.  Each year our numbers go down.  Less and less people give out candy on my street which hurts the attendance.  The other streets near me go all out for Halloween.  They decorate and every house has their porch light lit.  The kids would rather go where they don't have to walk by a lot of houses to get to more candy.  The weather was not bad.  It had sprinkled earlier in the day, but did not rain during the begger hours and it was not too cold.  I got a bit chilled sitting there waiting for more kids.  I made some hot cocoa when I came in to help me warm up.

Yesterday was the last day of the eat more protein challenge.  I weigh in tonight at my Weight loss challenge meeting.  I have to make another batch of dump soup.  I really think that helped me with my WW weight loss this week.  Filling and no points.

Boy, it must be cold out.  I just looked out the window and the roofs have a lot of frost on them  It looks like snow.  I'm going to do Zumba on wii this morning and walk to my meeting tonight so that's my exercise for the day.  How is everyone else doing with their exercise program?

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  1. Congrats on getting the job and good luck weighing in.