Monday, October 31, 2011

Weigh-in Day

At today's weigh-in I lost 1 pound.  That makes me right on track.  8 more pounds and 8 more weeks to get there for my 1 year anniversary of rejoining.  A total  of 33.4 pounds so far.  That puts me at 153.2 pounds.

The other weight loss challenge I'm in has helped me this week.  It really seems like I've been eating a lot more foods, but it must be the right kind of foods.  The protein has helped me stay fuller longer and the no junk food is a plus.  I really don't eat much junk food anyway, but I have found myself reaching for things that I shouldn't and had to double think it.  I've gotten all the points and bonus points for the challenge all week.  I hope to have a loss when I weigh in there tomorrow.

I didn't eat any cake at my grandson's graduation party.  I did bring 2 small pieces home and I will enjoy them tomorrow night after my weight loss challenge weigh-in.  Next week the challenge will only be weight loss so no extra thing to work on.

Tonight is our trick or treat.  I bought 1 large bag of assorted candy to hand out.  I made sure it was something I didn't like so I wouldn't be tempted.  I can't believe it's been at least a year since I've had candy.  I'm amazed at my will power.  I really don't even crave it.  There was one lonely small peanut butter cup in my pantry and I've even had it in my hand and moved it several times and I haven't been tempted to open it and eat it.  I am a little glad that my grandson finally ate it today.

I got a call from Kohl's asking for phone numbers for my background check.  I explained to the girl that it's been more that 18 years since I worked at these places.  I know that the principal at the last school I worked at is no longer there and the supervisor at the board of education has a new job higher up than the supervisor position and I'm not sure after 20 years she will remember me.  I did give her a personal reference just in case she wanted it so she could talk to someone that actually knows me now.  We will see what happens.  I would hope to hear something soon since there's a week training and we have to work the day after Thanksgiving.  That doesn't give a lot of time to get training and a little experience under our belts before the mad holiday rush.

How is everyone else doing today?


  1. Good job on your loss!
    Dense protein foods help you stay fuller longer.
    Great job on your will power!

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