Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tomorrow is weigh-in day

I'm hoping that I will have another pound loss.  Eating has been pretty good this week.  I've gotten some exercise in.  Today I raked leaves and cut down some flower stalks.  It's a beautiful day today.  I'm afraid there aren't many left this year.

This is the week of Birthday cake.  I made a chocolate cake for my daughter's birthday.  Since I will be working Monday and Wednesday and we have the weight loss challenge meeting on her real birthday, Tuesday, we are going to celebrate today.  My grandson's birthday is Thursday, so there will be another cake that day.  I will have a small piece of cake, but that's it.  The rest of the cake will remain at her house.

My hubby's been sick.  He came home early on Wednesday and stayed home on Thursday.  He went back to work on Friday and started feeling bad again.  I told him to take the extra day off, but he didn't listen to me.  He's been running a fever and feels weak.  On Friday night he kept sweating all night , but he felt cold.  He soaked thorough 2 sets of clothes during the night.  His temperature was below normal.  Very strange.  He said he feels better today, but is still weak.  He really doesn't much of an appetite.

How is everyone else doing?  Rosie, how's your arm?

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  1. Hope hubs is feeling better. Stay strong for the cake episodes this can do it!
    Rosie deleted her blog....very sad:(