Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weigh-in was yesterday

I had a .4 gain this week. Now I have to lose 2 pounds next week to make my end of the year goal.  I know I wasn't eating right last week.  With my husband being sick and not wanting to eat I just didn't cook healthy food.  Actually I really don't think I was eating enough. 

I went in to work last night for my 1st night of training.  I spend almost 4 hours sitting in front of a computer watching videos and answering questions.  The manager scheduled it too tight and didn't give enough time for the extra activities that needed to be done. We all ran out of time doing the training.  I would much rather just do on the job training.  I think it really helps you retain more when you are learning hands on.  Watching a video doesn't actually give you the feel of what the stock room is really like and how to stock the shelves.  I watch more videos and train on the register Thursday and then shadow a buddy on Saturday.  They already offered me extra time on next Tuesday morning to run the register.

I'm going to take my car to my daughter's this morning and then walk back home.  She needs to use my car today and I need to get in more exercise.  I will walk to the weigh-in challenge meeting tonight too.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far.

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  1. Why is it women "cave" on their own needs when their menfolk aren't up to par? My Mom does similar, and I think it's because she feels it might be wasteful.

    Perhaps consider cooking "as if," even when your hubby is sick, and freeze the leftovers for when he's feeling better, or to have on hand for a quick meal when time is not on your side?

    Good luck this coming week! You can do it! :-)