Monday, January 14, 2013

Weigh-in Monday

This morning was my Weight Watchers weigh-in.  Remember I gained 2.4 last week.  This week I am down 1.6.  Still not back to 130, but pretty darn close.  My hopes is to be in the 120s next week.  My new goal is to be at 125 by my birthday in April.  This is totally doable if I lose .4 pounds every week from now till April 4th.  There is no major holiday to get in the way.  I am going to continue working out and plan to step it up and actually do the 2 workouts a day instead of just saying I'm going to.  Today I changed my WW goal weight from 145 to 135.  I didn't want to go too low and be discouraged if I got up a little and had to pay.  135 is a good goal and we will see how good I am at staying even lower.

This weeks WW meeting was about making your refrigerator more WW friendly.  They had so good ideas I plan to do.  I really don't prepare my fruits and veggies so they are easy to grab and enjoy.  I'm going to make up a weeks worth of salads and they will be ready all but the dressing so I can have one at lunch everyday.

Here's a picture of my refrigerator. It doesn't look too bad, but there is room for improvement to make it more WW friendly.

This is the outside of my refrigerator.  I have my January exercise calendar up so I can add stickers after each workout.  So far everyday has at least 1 sticker.  I just made a weigh in chart showing what I should weigh each week if I want to make you 125 by April goal.  I also have a couple encouraging poems.  

Did anyone watch the golden Globes last night.  I didn't watch them, but I was flipping channels when they were giving Jodie Foster her award.  She is such a pretty woman.  She is always so natural.  She never seems fake and overly made up. 

My grandson called today and asked if I wanted to go to lunch.  Who can refuse a date with their, so of course, I said yes.  We ended up going to Pizza Hut for their buffet.  I had a large salad, 1 bread stick and sauce, 1 small scoop of pasta with alfredo sauce and 1 thin slice of pepperoni pizza.  My grandson had 2 cinnamon dessert sticks left, so I ate them.  I had water to drink.  Monday is my treat day, since it's weigh in day, so I don't feel too bad about my choices.

How is everyone else doing to start off the new week?

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  1. Wow I see from your weight loss ticker you've been a Champion loser! Very inspiring. I'm in the starting process, but I'll get there!