Saturday, October 26, 2013

I'm A Runner!

Who would have ever thought 9 weeks ago that I would be doing my first 5K?  My daughter and my grand-dog ran with me.  I am number 203.

After following the C25K program I managed to be finisher 223 out of 423.  I came in 4th out of 7 in my age bracket missing out getting a ribbon for 3rd place by 5 minutes.  Now I have something to strive for. 

 My finishing time was 37.51.1. My pace was 12:13 per mile.  I can and will improve this with more practice.  Technically, I still had 2 more runs in the program before I was actually a C25K graduate.  I am very proud of myself for doing this and for finishing and not quitting.  It was hard to run up the hills, since I'm used to running on the school track which is a flat, cushy and oval.  I will be looking for more 5Ks to do and who knows?  Someday I just might be writing about my 1st half marathon followed by a full marathon.