Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shopping results

I went grocery shopping yesterday. Lucky for me I have a store credit card. I went over my $40.00 that was left in the checking account. I ended up spending OOP $103.68 with a savings of $64.19 plus got a $3.00 cat to use at a later date. All in all I feel good about the experience. I will have to pay the card in full when it comes though. That's my rule with using the credit card. I can't afford the interest they will charge if I don't do this. I did get the chickens and the ground beef so I can use that meat for the rest of this week and next. They had a good sale on Skippy natural peanut butter and I had coupons so I did buy a lot of that. My pantry is now well stocked with peanut butter. They also had syrup on sale. I was out and wanted to stock my pantry with that as well. The added purchase were only to stock the pantry for later use. I think that is the trick to saving money is to have what you need on hand when you need it. I will have to spend a little more than I want to in the beginning until I get all my staples stocked up. That's my plan anyway.

My daughter called this morning and said she needed to go to the store today and asked if I wanted to go along. I did still need onions and oil so I told her I would go with her. BIG MISTAKE!! I ended up spending another $15.94. I decided to have a Mexican dinner tonight with some of the ground beef and I need to get the taco shells and things. These items were on sale and I did have a coupon for them which is one of my new rules. I should be set for the rest of the weeks and hopefully next. Except for going to Target and taking advantage of the coke sale and use my coke rewards coupons. That's all I'm going to buy while I'm there, even thought Target is my most favorite place to shop. I love their clearance items. My dilemma is, do I take my coupons in just in case there is good clearance or leave them at home and then be sorry when I see a good bargain?

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