Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Coupons & Meal Planning

Do the coupons seem to be uninteresting? I just can't find that many in the Sunday paper that I want to cut out and use. There has been biscuit coupons in every week. I got a new coupon box from Refunding Makes Cents and if I don't get coupons I want to cut out how am I going to fill it up?

I've been printing internet coupons, but I can only use them at CVS and Walmart. None of the other stores around here let you use them. The grocery store does double other coupons up to 99 cents. I'm looking forward to the next double at Kmart, but you can't use internet coupons there either.

I am on some coupon trains so I do get some coupons that are not in my local paper. This does help a little. I also get rid of many of the coupons I don't use this way. It also seems like the coupons are getting lower in value. Good thing for my double coupon store.

It seems like past years they've had specials on diet foods and good coupons for those items in January. I haven't seen this being true this year.

After I paid all my bills last week I now only have $44.00 to get me through until February 9th. It looks like I will be eating a lot of my stockpile these next 2 weeks. I will get the B1G1 roasting chickens that are on sale and will plan meals around them for at least a week. I don't have a free standing freezer so I don't have a large stockpile on meats. My husband thinks he had to have meat every night for dinner. Maybe a pot of chili would be a good choice. I can skimp on the burger and load up on the beans. They do have ground beef on sale for $1.99 per pound at the store also. I will get 2 chickens and a large pack of ground beef and live on them for 2 weeks. I will make spaghetti and meatballs one day and maybe a meatloaf one day. The chicken can be made into stir fry, garlic-chicken pasta and corn chowder soup after the first day of a traditional chicken meal. I can alternate the chicken and beef meals so it doesn't seem like we are eating the same meat every day. Sounds like a good cheap plan.


  1. Hey go on my spread sheet and email companies. I have gotten a lot of healthy and not so healthy meals FREE.

    If you email Redi-Serve they will send coupons for two free family packs. Also Khaki sends coupons for a Free meal.

  2. Are you a member of NEO Couponers? If not put this web address in your search and then to join the NEO Couponer forum look under Blogroll.

  3. Yes, I am a member. I don't post very often though.