Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Soups On

I went back to store today and got the veggies and the beef for the soup. I was good and didn't get anything else except some wine coolers. I went to CVS and for the 4 12 packs of Pepsi and 3 Lays chips. I paid $21.00 for this purchase (I didn't have any coupons). I got a ECB for $10.00. I will send in for my $15.oo Pepsi rebate and will be $4.00 ahead on the deal. I had a second transaction at CVS. I bought some Excedrin (had a $1.00 coupon), 2 Dawn dish detergent B1G1(had .25 and .50 coupons), 2 Reeses cups bags, and 3 greeting cards (B3 get $3.00 EBC). After coupons and EBC''s I paid OOP $3.95. So far I've spent $115.61 for this weeks purchases. That is $15.61 over budget, but I do have$35.66 left from last week so I'm still good for the month.

I've got my veggie soup on the stove cooking. I was chopping the cabbage and cutting up the beef shoulder roast while I was watching the new president being sworn in. My pot is so full I have to have the meat and potatoes and some of the cabbage in a different pan until the veggies cook down enough so I can add it in with the soup. I love Veggie soup. It brings back the memories of when my mom used to make it. I would eat 2 and 3 bowls of it at a time. Oh my, as I just typed that I remembered that I forgot to put the barley in the soup. I'm off to add that important ingredient right now.

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