Thursday, May 5, 2011


After doing a 20 minute mile on the treadmill and doing the 4 Fast Miles walk with Leslie Sansone, I finally got into the 160s.  It was 169.5 on my scale.  My scale only does the 1/2 pounds.  Now I have to stay here or lose more for Monday's weigh in.  I made my May 15th goal.  Now I have to lose 4 more pounds to meet my end of the month goal.

My eating been good.  I went over 2 point yesterday, but I was under both Monday and Tuesday so I feel OK about it.  I think instead of posting what I plan to eat on the days I post I will review what I ate the day before since the menu changes.

Wednesday's meals:

Breakfast 5 points
1/2 english muffin w/ 1 T peanut butter

Lunch 10 points
egg salad pita
1 oz thin pretzels
Snack- 1 oz almonds

Dinner 12 points
1/2 cup broccolini
1 cup Whole wheat pasta
pasta sauce and 1 meatball
1/2 english muffin w/ 1/2 wedge laughing cow

Evening snack 4
WW dessert

Total points used today 31 leaving me with 47 remaining weekly points

Activity points
5 today with a total of 12 weekly points.

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