Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Beautiful Day

The sun is shining and it feels so good.  I actually opened the windows in my bedroom to give it a nice airing.  We are suppose to have a high of 72 today.  I just wish it would last.  Since it's only the middle of March I'm guessing we still have some cold weather ahead of us.

I went to Jazzercise this morning, but I really think I'll go for a walk after dinner too.  It's just too nice to stay in the house.  The ground is still a little too wet to do much in the flower gardens.  I just can't wait to get out in the dirt.  All the flowers are starting to peek out and some never went away since we had such a mild winter.  I've had pansies and violas blooming all winter.  I had planted blueberry bushes last year and they have been eaten down to the ground.  We didn't have enough snow that the critters couldn't find food to eat so I see no excuse for that.

I think we are going to have burgers on the grill tonight.  I have some asparagus that I can grill too and I'll throw some sweet potato fries in the oven.  YUM! The only thing that would make this any better is to have some good old home grown tomatoes for the burgers.  I guess I'll just have pickles & mustard on mine tonight.

That's it for now.  I hope everyone has as nice as weather as we are and can get out and enjoy it!!

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