Thursday, March 15, 2012

Don't look at me naked.

I feel pretty good when I look in the mirror with my clothes on.  My clothes are fitting so much better.  I really think I'm looking skinnier.  My friends are seeing the weight loss and commenting on it.

When I look at myself naked in the mirror it is a different story.  I've been looking in the mirror straight on and from the side.  I think I'm looking a little better.  I still need work, but my rolls aren't nearly as big as they were.  My stomach is the biggest problem.  I do have a bit on an apron developing, but only on one side of my stomach.  My hope is as I gain more muscle it will disappear.  Having a  C section 38 years ago has weakened my stomach muscles (I think).  At almost 60 years old I can't see getting a tummy tuck.  Today I decided to use a mirror and look at my back, which I have not done before.  I was disappointed and discussed in what I saw.  My back has big rolls and dents.  Yes there are more than one.  This is something I don't see when I look in the mirror on a daily basis.  I can't see them ever going away.  As I lose the weight I can see them leaving a lot of loose skin which I don't want.  I've also noticed that my skin is sagging on my under arm area and on my upper inner thigh.  I've seen this in other people that have lost weight.  Will this firm back up as I workout more?  I don't want to lose all this weight and then have to wear a lot of clothes to hide my flaws I've gotten from losing it.  Sorry for the downer post today.  I just didn't like what I saw in the mirror today.

On to nicer things.  The weather is beautiful again today.  We did get thunderstorms early this morning, but it's really nice out now.  I went for a walk with my daughters dog before lunch.  He's a bigger dog and I was really having to walk fast to keep up with him.  My dash hound was dragging yesterday, so I left him home.  It felt so good to be outside getting fresh air.  Of course, with the rain, the ground is still to wet to do anything in the flower gardens.  Maybe I can get to that this weekend.  My husband is going out of town with the 2 older grandsons, so I will be on my own.  My daughter and I will go out to eat, but I can get my activity in without having to worry about stopping and taking care of something hubby or the boys want or need.  I'm considering going to Jazzercise on Sunday morning.  With the hubby gone I won't have to have him move that car so I can get out of the driveway.  This will give me an extra day of high aerobic exercise, before Monday's weigh-in.

I guess it's time to start dinner.  Brussel sprouts and turkey smoked sausage will be the main dish.  I'll probably put a couple potatoes in too and make it a 1 pot meal.  Gotta got only having 1 pan to hav eto wash.

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