Monday, January 7, 2013

Glad To Finally Be Back To Weight Watchers Meetings!!!

OK, the scale wasn't great to me, but I'm so glad to finally be able to get back to the meetings.  I gained 2.4 pounds over the Holiday.  This could have been so much worse and was.  I got myself back on track last week, sorta.  I am going to work hard to get the rest of the gain off this week.  At my meeting the topic was getting power food in with every meal and snack.  This was a topic a while back and I did it and I lost 3.4 pounds.  I'm hoping that this will happen again.  I am pre-planning my meals, so I can be sure I am within my points this week too.  Last week I ended up maxing out my daily and weeklies.  I don't use my activity points.

One draw back to using a crock pot when you are home is the great smell that comes from it and you have 2 more hours before dinner time.  That is what is happening here today.  My daughter sells Tastefully Simple and she had a freezer workshop a few weeks ago and I am having one of those meals tonight.  I'm having Brown Sugar Chicken with noodles and peas.  The chicken smells delicious.  I hope I remember to take a picture of it on my plate today.  I would really like to start a picture diary of what I eat.  I like reading bloggers pages that do that.

So, who watched Biggest Loser last night?  Jillian is back for sure.  I really wish they would have considered the girl that walked out as the eliminated player since it was only the first week.  The guy that left really wanted to be there.  I decided to do some type of exercise during the commercial breaks.  I used to eat during the show, but think it's a much better idea to do an activity instead.

This week FlyLady is working on the kitchen.  All the kitchen drawers need to be cleaned out and a lot of stuff that I don't use need to be pitched.  This is what I'm working on this week and washing down the cupboard doors.  Everything else in the kitchen look pretty good.

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