Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Today I went to Jazzercise again.  I love that class.  There's a different instructor everyday so there's no getting bored with routines.  I walked on the treadmill last night for my second workout.  I did a programed walk.  In the past I wasn't able to walk the 4 mph section.  I always had to turn down the speed.  Last night I had no problem walking the 4 mph at all.  What a difference 56 pounds can make.  Since kick boxing has been canceled for tonight I will have to find something else to do for my second workout.  Depends on how Hubby is feeling and if he's stuck on the couch watching TV again on what I end up doing.

I took down all the Christmas decorations today and put back the normal stuff.  It's nice to have the house feel like it's getting back in order.  Tomorrow I'm going to tackle the many recipe magazines that are piled up and get them at least organized into titles.  I really want go through them and take out anything I think we will actually eat.  It seems silly to have a whole magazine sitting around and having only a few recipes I will actually make.  My long term goal is to file the recipes by what type of food it is.  Of course, I've been thinking about this goal for over a year now.  Time to take action.

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