Monday, October 28, 2013

My WW Monday Morning Meeting Has Closed.

Today is a very sad day for me.  We were told last week that today was the last morning meeting to be held at my meeting location.  They will still have a night meeting, but I REALLY like going in the morning.  I have a few options.  I can travel 20 minutes in 2 different directions to attend morning meetings.  This will cut into my Jazzercise class before the meeting.  I can attend a night meeting, which I don't want to do.  I can go weigh in only once a month, since I am a lifetime member and keep my free status and get free etools.  I have been attending the same meeting for almost 3 years.  In January it will be 2 years of being at lifetime again.  I REALLY like my leader from this meeting and to follow her I would have to drive an hour to attend her meetings on Tuesday morning.  I know that it is important to attend the meetings.  I know that my success has come from attending the meetings every week for the past almost 3 years.  I also know that it is important to connect with the leader and other members.  My locations has an evening meeting, but I really don't connect with that leader.  It is also a VERY large meeting and it is hard to form any personal relationship with the leader and members.  I used to attend the night meetings the first time I went to WW.  I would starve myself all day so the scale would be good to me and then stuff myself after the meeting and go home to go to bed shortly after.  Not a good thing to do, I know.  I managed to get to lifetime, but it took a lot longer and I didn't stay there long and quit from the frustration.  I promised myself this time that I would not quit and give up.  I discussed my option of just weighing in once a month and not staying for the meeting with my leader and she was very stern that I was not to do that.  She is a super lady.  I have a week to make a final decision if I want to continue attending weekly meeting and a month if I decide that weighing in to continue my free lifetime status.  Any feedback would be very much appreciated.

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  1. Hi Paula! I am your newest follower. I go to WW too. My meetings are on Saturday morning. I would be panicky too if I had to change to the evening and change leaders. I have been a reoffending WW member for years and 2 years ago I finally found a leader that clicked for me. I find going to meetings really keeps me in check. I always feel motivated after them. I hope it works out for you.